SANTEX Smart Z-Wave Door Lock with Keypad

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    Smart Home System

    Key Features


    Z-Wave Command Class Specific:

      Device responses Application Rejected Request Command to source
      node while received invalid Set command.

      Device supports two(2) association groups, each group support two(2)
      nodes maximum. Group ID one(1) used to send out un-socialite
      operation and alarm reports. Group ID two(2) used to send out
      BASIC SET ON(0xFF) and OFF(0x00) command while vacation
      mode is enable and disable.
      Device reserves 255 bytes memory store space use for upper
      application. Upper application could access the memory by
      configuration command class, default setting always set to zero
      (0x00) , parameter size always set to one (0x01), parameter possible
      value could be from 0x00 to 0xFF which is decided by upper
      Device has two(2) difference relock mode, auto-relock mode (Timed
      Operation) and constant-unlock mode (Constant Operation). It can
      setting by manual or Door Lock Configuration Command. Autorelock
      timeout fix in eight (8) seconds.
      Device treats constant Unsecure setting of Door Lock Operation as
      Unsecure with timeout while device auto-relock mode is enable.


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